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AA Andujar

Loved this course! Was really great to find out and explore my personal values!

Lisa Martin

Thank you for bringing so much clarity to my understanding of values. I have struggled with identifying what they are, but this process has been so illuminating and logical in it's unfolding. I plan to go back and work on my value promises. That wasn't so clear but improved with the summary at the end. I appreciate all you have done here. Namaste.

Mares Gonzales

Need to do this again, taking more time to reflect on each lesson and acting on them

Ashley René Liewer-Jones

This course was amazing. It taught me so much about what drives me and what my values truly are.

Zee Ramirez

Amazing, enlightening- thank you so very much!

Monica Lopez

This class really helped me to look more deeply and closely at my truth. I needed this clarity. Thank you 💗

Thomas Miller

Loved the course! I was extremely surprised at how much I gained from naming my values. I have a difficult time journaling because I get to hung up on trying to write the perfect sentence. But this course has helped me get started and not even think about trying to get everything right, just do it. I've already noticed some things that I have done that make me feel a sense of accomplishment throughout my day!

Thank you again! Hugs!